Create inspiring work environment

How to Create an Inspiring Work Environment

Having a work environment that is both inspiring and functional is very important. Because this is the place where you spend approximately 1/3rd of your day.  Below are some of the great ideas that you must have to follow in order to create an inspiring and motivating work environment.  First of all, you have to take a look at your work environment. Your work environment should be the space that gives you positive vibes.

Creating a work environment

Ask yourself a simple question:  How do you feel when you come to it? If your answer is energized, or motivated, or inspired, or creative, then you are all set. But if you feel low and lethargic in your work environment, then you must have to adopt the following ideas in order to make everything more effective.

1. Organize Your Place:

The first and basic step to make your work environment inspiring is to organize your place because inspiration begins with you.  Organizing your place demands nothing special. It is just to arrange the already available space. So, take some time, maybe a few minutes, or hours or even days. But after the required time, your work environment should be properly arranged. There should be no trash and everything should be cleaned up.

2. Visuals:

Visuals are to be focused primarily. We, humans, are more interested in visual things. According to research, our brain catches the attention of visual things way more than that of speech. So, to create an inspiring work environment, you must have to work on the visuals. Think of something that makes you feel peaceful, or contented, or creative. Then, arrange the place with the images of those things.

Work Environment

Some basic ideas to create a visually appealing work environment are the following:

  • Place the pictures of your family, friends, or any other loved ones
  • Calendar with a beautiful view of mountains or some piece of art on it
  • Place a frame having an inspirational or motivational quote on it
  • If your work is related to art, place a piece of an inspiring artwork
  • Place a lamp with soft light on your work table, it will give you a sense of relief. Because most of the times lighting of office is too harsh for the eyes

Gensler’s Brand Design Director Beth Novitsky says:

“Bold and bright colors in high impact areas help to stimulate creativity and energy levels”

3. Smell:

Aromas or fragrances affect you in very different ways. They can affect you either in a positive way; i.e. make you energized and motivated, or in a negative way; i.e. make you feel lazy and down. You have to choose the right kind of smell that can be calming, invigorating and have a good effect on your mind. In case of choosing the right scent for your working environment, you have to try different scents like using essential oils, or scented candles, or a fan for fresh air, or anything else.

Work Environment

Plants are the great and best addition to most workplaces.

As you know, plants give you a touch of nature. They are kind of appealing to your eyes and they clean the air. Plus it gives you positive vibes which will later help you to work efficiently. Donna Sturgess says:

“Pleasant, subtle scents lift our moods”

4. Sound:

When someone says about the “office design”, we automatically think about the physical architectural attributes or what we see with our eyes; e.g. the shapes, spatial elements, colors and finishes the workplace by working on all this. But what about the invisible architecture? The most important of these invisible designs is sound.  Now, all you had to do is to find out what kind of sound appeals to you. But you are probably limited with only a specific kind of sound for your workplace.  Get yourself a pair of good earphones and then go for your choice of music.  Classical, instrumental or any other kind of music is effective for a relaxed and productive environment. Listening to sounds of nature and noise-canceling headphones can also help you to keep your workplace relaxed.

5. Touch/Texture:

Your sense of touch is very closely related to your emotions of comfort. It is easy to make an office or workplace look good and inspiring but identifying why it feels good is another reason. As you know that materials like soft wool in a shag rug or cushions are mostly associated with a warm and cozy feeling. But on the other hand, materials like some plastic or metal of any kind are associated with coldness and stiffness and are generally not inviting.

Work Environment
Work Environment

In order to make your workplace more inspiring, you have to create a balance by carefully selecting the textures, Like balance out a rough, reclaimed wood desk with a smooth, even surfaced chair. Elements that can add texture to your workplace can be:

  • Textiles including rugs and carpets
  • Furniture including table lamps, comfortable chairs, etc
  • Artwork in the form of paintings or wallpapers

Apart from this, pencils and pens come in different colors, textures, and sizes. It is something simple that could make working more fun and comfortable.

6. Taste:

It is too obvious that the sense of taste is not directly related to any kind of inspiration or motivation.  But the ingredients in your lunch at the

workplace surely impact your creativity. A couple of ideas on which you can work in order to keep yourself motivated are: Drink a lot of water because recycled air of the workplace can be dehydrated. It will help you to stay hydrated, motivated and energized. You can keep your favourite low-calorie snack around yourself. The right snack can lift your mood, makes you healthy and gives you energy.

Work Environment

Now the most important thing is to use some of the above ideas at your workplace to create a relaxed, creative and inspiring work environment. You do not have to make all the changes but just one or two and you will feel the change. Because Simple Changes can make a big impact. Apart from being productive, you will feel that now you are actually enjoying your workplace. And as a result of enjoying at your workplace, you will perform better.

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