Digiskills training program for 1 million people in the future of work

What is Digiskills? Its impact on freelancing in Pakistan

What is Digiskills?

Digiskills.pk is a government project which is aimed to train youth the various important ways to earn by freelancing. It empowers our youth, freelancers, students, housewives with the necessary skills and qualities, and teaches them to seize the opportunities which are available both at the international level and national level to earn a better living. This program is launched by the government for 1million training to the youth using technology. (As of this date, 1.25 million enrollments are done in the program!) Millions of people around the globe are earning by working from home. The Digiskills Industry is expected to generate gross services revenue between $15 billion and $25 billion by 2020.

How to register for Digiskills:

There are a few easy steps to get registered for this program.

  • Sign up to the Digiskills.pk site.
  • Enter your First name in the given column.
  • Enter your last name.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Type a strong password that consists of at least 7-16 characters.
  • Click on the submit button.
DigiSkills Training Program


Digiskills.pk is offering 10 free online courses that have promised to produce 1 million freelancers. This is only engaged for Pakistanis and provide video lectures 24/7 regarding different courses which are listed below:

  • Freelancing
  • E-commerce
  • Digital marketing
  • Digital Literacy
  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • AutoCAD
  • Quick books
  • Graphic designs
  • Creative writing

Aims of the program:

This program aims to increase the number of freelancers working in the country, household incomes, financial inclusions, IT exports, and the number of experts in specialized skills.

Success stories:

“Rana Bilal from NANKANA SAHIB says that when he was jobless, one of his friends told him about Digiskills. He learned many courses from this program and started earning at different platforms.”

Muhammad Shoaib from JHANG says that he is a disabled person and cannot speak. He joined Digiskills and has earned $11192 so far.

Thanks to the Digiskills.pk for providing great opportunities to the youth and making work from home possible. Read More Successful Stories

Avoid the scams:

Please note that this program is totally FREE and does not cost any money. Just in case if you receive any message or phone calls regarding the registration of the program, and they ask for any kind of fees, please REPORT the incident to the authorities.

How Digiskills is empowering freelancing in Pakistan:

Everyone dreams of a good and successful career, and it’s not easy to get for everyone. Sitting in your lounge and work from home is so peaceful and relaxing. When you work on short projects in your PJ’s all day and get paid for it. This is actually what everyone wants. As the job market is being saturated in Pakistan and youngsters are going for these small jobs such as the employment of big companies like Nestle and Mobilink. But still, there are many people who want to work independently and enhance their experiences.

Freelancing in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, mostly office jobs demand you to be a cooperative slave. This whole decorum makes a person depressed because waking up early and going to bed late at night is not that much easy. Other than this, the salaries that are being provided to the employees are less. That is why many people mostly the young generation want to become independent and work alone to utilize their abilities and skills and get paid for it. As in companies, the boss is the authority, and you need to manage yourself according to the needs of your boss. Nobody wants to follow the rules and here comes the Freelancing helps you to become the BOSS. People who can rule themselves have selected their fields for their bright future.


Elance (Now UpWork), the biggest freelancing site has revealed Pakistan as the third registered country or member which means the ratio of freelancing in Pakistan is increasing. The first is the US and the second is India. Freelancer.com is another site that has many Pakistani registered freelancers. Mostly IT and Designing has been recorded as the best fields of freelancing in Pakistan. Pakistan has been recorded as 4th on the list of world freelancing. Pakistan earns $1billion from freelancing. (Tribune) This shows how the career of Freelancer is secured and progressive. That is why, most people go for freelancing, and not for permanent jobs.

The psyche of Parents:

People in Pakistan, want their children to choose those fields which they had adopted or wanted to adopt. Even the child has no taste for those subjects but he/she is forced to choose that particular subject. They don’t agree with you to become a freelancer and want you to become a cooperative slave or join them in their business. Yet there are some independent personalities who chose to become a freelancer and grow their career with the freelancing. Because freelancers earn much more than traditional employees. Most people have started their business as a freelancer and many of them are planning to do so.

Work less, Earn more:

As in the US and Europe time zones do not match, that is why many if the freelancers have to work at night. This will surely affect their health and annoy them, but they will be paid more because sleep and peace are worth for a person. However, the women who are not allowed to work in offices, they work through freelancing and enhance their abilities and skills.

There are many institutes which are teaching youth how to earn through freelancing in Pakistan. Pakistan is aimed to produce more and more freelancers that will surely contribute to the country’s economy. After these courses, freelancers start earning through Fiverr, Upwork, and Guru which are big freelance marketplaces. Pakistan can surely increase the number of freelancers which helps to boost the economy. That is why the biggest learning platform Digiskills has been launched to produce a million trained freelancers that will work for the country. This program not only develops the key skills but also tell the important ways to earn at different platforms. It also imparts knowledge to the people about different projects which are being provided at the international level as well as at the national level.

Digiskills help the people to recognize what is best for their freelancing career. Some important points are discussed below:

Identify the skills at a freelance market:

First, give a look to your abilities that what are your skills. Either you are a master in writing or Designing. Go for the best and keep improving your skills.

Freelance platforms:

Sign-up on different sites as a freelancer and describe your abilities in your portfolio. Present a sample of your work.

Attractive profile:

Make sure that your portfolio represents your abilities and skills. Try your best to make a good designer portfolio which can impress the clients easily. Moreover, display your best work on the portfolio. It should look very impressive. Do not provide many samples as the client has only a few seconds to visit your profile, so try to display the best works.

Search the right projects:

Find a project that suits your personality and exactly matches with your skills, and write a winning proposal that impresses the client and convince him to hire you for the related task.

Manage the projects:

Once you are awarded the project, settle it. Decide your payments and fix everything.

Feedback to your portfolio:

Make sure that you get positive responses to your profile. Learn the steps to become a good freelancer.

A highly committed freelancer on GoDesign.pk
They Don’t Sleep

Learn how to grow as a freelancer:

Work for a firm and enhance your experiences. Try to deal with clients in a nice manner and make a good relationship with them for long-term projects.

Go for the best opportunities:

Once you have started your career as a freelancer, you should go for the best opportunities. Do not miss any project, and avoid the scams.

Hence, these were some important steps that are being taught by Digiskills.pk. It is a big government platform that is training a million people to earn through freelancing in Pakistan. This will surely help to boost the economy of the country and freelancing in Pakistan.

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