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The world is moving towards the stage of success. Technology provides various chances to every individual so that he/she can earn and live life wonderfully. The amazing invention is the online store. Using online sales channels people can earn too much. Facebook is an important app which is being used stunningly. On Facebook, now, you can create Facebook shops so that you can sell the products directly.

Now, look keenly at how you can create Facebook shops, how it works, and how it helps you in your business. Everything you need to know for setting up an amazing, profitable, and beneficial facebook shop is explained below.

About Facebook Shops and its Working:

You can create an online store using Facebook Shops on Facebook and Instagram. Using this feature, the customer can view the products and can buy directly. The customers can purchase just in a few minutes and can discover the products either through an app or using a website. The shop can be seen by clicking on ‘View Shop’ on your business’ Facebook page or Instagram profile page. People can find this by clicking on ads or by scrolling down the stories.

“Our goal is to make hopping seamless and empower anyone from a small business owner to a global brand to use our apps to connect with customers”.

Keep in mind that this feature is free of cost just like the other features of Facebook: eCommerce features. This feature focuses mainly on Businesses rather than consumers. You can change each and every aspect as you like in your business. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that our goal is to move the owners of small businesses to the global brand. We want that shopping must be seen easy and people can purchase what they want.

For businesses: what does that mean?

As all of you know that the pandemic has forced all the business owners to find new channels for their sales. This feature is very beneficial for small businesses. One survey tells that more than 1200 businessmen and SMBs are looking for eCommerce solutions. 46% of those are discussing that they should add this eCommerce feature to their website. Now it is very clear that these Facebook shops are going to be an effective solution for the businesses’ downfall.

This shop is free of cost. Those businesses which have small budgets can avail of this opportunity and if they cant build their own webshop still they can give it a try. Facebook shops are being advertised effectively and Facebook shops don’t charge them. People need to just advertise this shop. 37% of the businesses are now creating online ads: banner ads and Instagram ads. This all is very beneficial for the Facebook Shops’ owners and it seems that this will pay them very much.

These shops are beneficial for both Facebook and businesses. Now the brands are finding new ways to sell and showcase their products. The Facebook is getting new users and they are earning too much through this source.

Advantages of Facebook Shops:

  • It is free of cost.
  • It is an additional channel on which people can visit and purchase directly.
  • There can be categories by the brands. They can divide on the basis of cove image, product pictures, and accent colors.
  • People can buy just within a few clicks. It provides a short journey to the customers.
  • Those who are already active on Facebook and Instagram can gain many benefits from this

Disadvantages of Facebook Shops:

  • It is new in the market, so it is not available everywhere.
  • It is not thoroughly under your control and you are not totally responsible for it.
  • The categories of the brands can only be made to a certain extent

Process of Setting up your Facebook shops

To set up a brand shop with Facebook Shops is entirely an easy process and can be achieved through a few steps:

  • On your Facebook Page click the ‘Shop’ tab. This option is only available on the Shopping template.
  • Now click on ‘Go to commerce Manager’.
  • There will be required certain information. You need to fill it as business accounts and set preferences for shipping returns and payouts.

After doing this you can go ahead and create a list of your products. To do this, you need access to your Catalog Manager by clicking on “Inventory” in your commerce Manager.

After doing this you can sell the products on Facebook and Instagram and manage your both accounts.

Brand Your Facebook Shop Successfully

The best advantage of this shop is that you can give any look to your product which appeals to you. In this way, the customers will feel attraction towards the item and will purchase it mostly at the spur of the moment. Here are some tips which you need to bear in mind when you are branding your Shop:

There are certain branding options in Facebook Shops:

  • Choose your layout.
  • Choose certain images.
  • Name your collections.
  • Add the description of the product.

You can change certain things, as:

  • The size
  • The color
  • Appearance

There are the options which allow you to group the items on the basis of the colour, themes and styles. If you do this then it will fascinate the customers and they will prefer to purchase your products.


On Facebook Shops the images are preferred for the products. You need to make imagery a preferable option in the sale of your product. You must upload the professional photos of the products. The images must be in such a way which can present the product’s every detail in a possible way.

Images must use:

  • A common colour scheme
  • A common background
  • Contrast matching

All these things will elevate the imagery of your product and you will get more.


The colours which you select for buttons and in images must be in a harmonious position. To pick only one colour is a big mistake. You need to choose such colours which may contrast one another. After choosing your brand’s colour then enter the exact HEX colour code. You must keep in mind that it is the colour which will enhance the beauty of your products.


Typography will create a better impact. You need to choose such a font that fits the brand and this will carry a lot of meanings. This will present your product in its best possible way. When you have done with your Shop, you can see the preview of your product so make sure which colours, images and font style suits them best.


During the branding of your shop, you need to be consistent with your shops’ adjustments. Your imagery, font style and colours etc. need to go together in order to create a big impact.

If you use such colours which don’t distinguish among the products then your product’s sale will be low. Visitors will be confused and they wouldn’t find any possible way to select the product.

There are certain steps on which you need to act upon. These will create a smooth and branded experience across social media and everywhere else for that matter:

  • Your brand’s individuality must be defined.
  • The brand voice also must be defined.
  • Brand guidelines and style guide must be in a consistent way and you need to stick with them.
  • You need to be consistent with your brand’s colours, imagery and typography.
  • Use various customization options that are available and don’t stick to the default option.
  • The ads, pages, posts, banners must work coherently and you need to work upon them.


Nowadays it is very clear as the shining of the sun that the businesses are looking for new ways to connect with the customers. Facebook shops provide the best way for Entrepreneurs to explore this and work on it. Those who are already connected with social media might gain much more benefit from this. This provides a direct way to sell the products.

If you are willing to create your own brand shop then you must bear in mind that unique presentation and display will individualize your brand. You need to focus on the tips which are described above. Don’t ignore the styling and colouring of your shop because that’s the thing which grabs the attention of the peoples and tempts them to purchase the product at the moment of seeing.

If you want to create the special and professional designs for your brand then you need to contact with special designers. They will provide you with a variety of designs and you need to choose which you think is the best one.

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