Design Globalization: Scope of Freelancing in the Design?

What comes to your mind when you think about the lives of freelance designers? The answer may be: they are the creative people who travel from place to place carting the Laptop by them. They are maybe the people who work in the offices having a cup of coffee in front of them. But bear in mind that their lives and they themselves are more than that perception.
Their life is autonomous, mobile, and confident. But the question is how far are they from reality? It is not very far but it is the part of a larger picture according to the recent report Design Without Borders: The Future of Freelancing.

Globalization has a huge impact on the whole industry in design. It also creates challenges and opportunities for Freelancers. After surveying more than 10,000 freelancers, we have just discovered that how a global industry has become a pool of international freelancers. They look for freedom and creativity. We learned about various aspects of their lives: how they live, how much time they give to work, and how they create a balance between Work-Job lives.

Design Globalization: Scope of Freelancing in the Design?
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This article will focus on certain questions:

  1. What is the impact of Internationalization?
  2. What are the current benefits of Freelancing?
  3. What are the challenges and opportunities?
  4. What is the future for Freelance design life?

If Wi-Fi is there, Work is there.

Globalization has expanded to international markets. Freelance designers work countless and they work with various industries and all types of businesses: ranging from small to creative agencies. Many freelance designers live abroad and it is estimated that 43% live abroad. The reason is very simple because the freelancers are well aware of the people who don’t live in one place and travel from place to place. They embrace various lifestyles according to the time and space.

Millennials had an influence on global culture and they want only self-employment. A majority of the generation under 30 leave their jobs after two years because they want self-employment. This has created large opportunities for freelancers.

The invention of technology has created the large opportunities for the freelancers. They don’t need to connect with any physical work-space to perform their jobs. They can do their work where Wi-Fi is provided. About 85% of freelancers work out of their own time zone.

Designers choose freelancing because of its quality of being possible.

“I’ve been traveling the world for the past year and that wouldn’t be possible without freelancing” – Designer from the US

Now it is clear that they choose this profession because it makes it possible for them to travel from place to place. The best quality of freelancing is freedom and flexibility. It is also a paying job. Almost 75% of freelancers are satisfied with their self-employment. For many, it is a satisfying job because they are earning as much as they could earn from any other job. Nearly one third are satisfied with their freelance designing. And it is also clear that more than one third can take two vacations per year.

A normal design job is ‘9 to 5’ but here

Work-life balance is an important factor in life. In this work, you have to be work on your own. You have to find clients, managing projects, and delivering work. So you need to be an active designer if you want to join this field.

“Freelancing is not an “on the beach with a drink and a laptop” style of work. I chose the design, tried, hustled, cried, hustled, and hustled… But life is still not sexy”- Designer from Uruguay

Freelancing requires the self-management of the time. It is not an easy task. In a report, it is estimated that Freelancers spend almost 40 hours on work a week and they are 40%, while 17% require to spend full time on their work.

So it is very clear that freelancing requires a full-time job. This may be irritating for those who are used to work in the time zones but it is very fun for them who want to work out of the time zones. This field requires flexible time-management. This is productive for a non-traditional hour like the hours which Parents spend on the care of their children, Owls and etc. . . .

Despite the flexibility, there is a big challenge for their lives and that is how to separate work from their lives? You have to make your own schedule and Look at your peers’ work. You need to overwork before the given date.

“Balance means having the freedom to step away from your work to take care of yourself and your relationships”.- Designer from the Brazil

To separate the work from your life is a very hard task. Waking up at the time and going to office divides your time. This routine can be helpful for the freelancers who want to start and end the work at a fixed time.

Freedom is there but challenges are also: being your own Boss

Designers love to not attach to any companies, agencies, and schedules. They want to live an independent life. From finding clients to the end of their projects they need to control every aspect of their projects. They can choose projects which make them focus on more than one thing.

The freedom to work on own is a big advantage but it also creates certain challenges. The work is based on the projects which can be from month to month. But they say that they face the possibility of many projects and don’t find and required project. They don’t have any time to connect with any other person. And they are 37% of the total.

Digital freelancing platforms have made their work easier like More than 84% have their account on more than one platform. 57% reported that through platforms they can acquire the clients easily. But the Referrals(24%) and Social media(11%) channels are also helpful.

Because the creative platforms are now in an abundant range so the brand acquires direct access to the expert designers. The expertise requirement has made the requirement of an expert more important than ever. Many freelancers learn throughout their lives and many are fond of finding new opportunities for work. Due to modern technology people spend time and money on a correct item and duty.

“Even if you don’t have the resources to go to college, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a graphic designer. Nobody should make you feel less for not having the same opportunities as them.”- Designer

Designers can deal with any individual client and set the rate. The more the clients, the more will be their experience and profitable results. 31% say that if they were not tied to one agency they would have made the large sum of money.

  • The more the competition, the more will be the competition between payments.
  • 34% say that they don’t feel that they are being paid what they worth.
  • 26% say they struggle to collect payment.
  • 24% have trouble negotiating rates.

Design is future-having no Borders

The majority of the freelance designers say: 78% say they are satisfied with their current professional status, 65% admit that things still need to get better.

The driving force for the freelancers is “Freedom” and both the clients and creatives are finding their place in it. As technology is developing so there is multi-talent around the world and people want to challenge any challenge. With global awareness, the designers will be well aware to take charge of the future of freelancing.

Their best qualities: freedom, creativity, and self-management are making them put the foot in the industry which is evolving. The industry will be there until they are there.

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