3 Amazing Logo Design Cost Estimates 2022

Any brand’s identity is clearly shown by its Logo. It means the most vital thing for the identity of a band is its Logo. Nowadays, Logos are very costly. In this article, we are going to elaborate on some of the most amazing Logo Design Cost Tips 2022. You will be able to have an idea about the Logo which must be distinguished by the other brands.

It is very crucial while hiring a professional logo designer who must design the logo in such a way that represents the main purpose of the brand. As all the services offer different varieties of price, the same is the case with the Logo Design Cost.

What should be the Logo Design Cost?

It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that the cost of a logo ranges from $0 to tens of thousands of dollars. Those who are small businessmen must ensure that a good logo design cost is between $300-$1300.

The price of the logo design depends on its quality and creator. Here is the summary of the best design logos and their price.

$10-$50$300-$800$800-$2,500$2,500+from $150
Logo design optionsLogo makerFreelance designer or design contest (starting at $299)Freelance designer or design contestDesign agencyGoDesign Technologies
 QualityBasic and generic logos built with a selection of stock icons and fonts. Very quick turnaround time.Designers with promise but limited experience or a smaller portfolio.Experienced designers and professional service and advice.Guaranteed high-quality designs from a full-service team of creative strategists.High-quality logo designs & multiple revisions included
Who should use itExtremely budget- & time-conscious businesses that are OK with a generic designBusinesses that have a good understanding of the design process and would rather spend time than moneyBusinesses that want quality on a mid-range budgetWell-resourced businesses that want a complete, top-to-bottom branding packageIf you are a startup, entrepreneur, or even a fortune 500, quality will be a great fit for you

1) Low Cost: Below $300

Logo Maker

The best and the cheapest option available is to create a logo on your own if you are good at creating logos. Logo generator is needed when you are not good at this. It must be kept in mind that the logo generators only offer limited options. Only those who have fair training in designing will be able to get a lot of aesthetics in their logo designs this way.

Logo Design Cost

Before hiring any freelancer, it is to keep in mind why you are hiring it for logo design. Some of the freelancers just copy the designs and offer them to the customers. Some fake designers are diminishing the quality of the other best designers.

2) Middle-Range: $300-$2500

It all depends on your budget. Those who have a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in their budget can have a sweet logo design. The logo design cost is directly proportional to the quality of the design.

Freelance Designer

On the basis of your feedback, the freelance will provide you with the same logo as you demanded. It is to keep in mind that while choosing a freelancer, you need to consider

  • How they Bill?
  • How much is their experience?

The ones who have a lot of experience in logo designing will give you a wide range of varieties to choose the best option. Working with freelancers who charge $300-$800, it is to keep in mind that they are the less tested graphic designer. Logo Design cost between $800 and $2000 is the best option available for having the most amazing logo design.

Logo Contest

If you offer the best price range to the logo designer, then it is possible that he will offer you a wide range of designs from a global community of designs. All the designs will represent your brand’s identity in a unique manner. During the contest, you can modify the design by giving certain feedback. In this way, you will help shape the end product.

At the GoDesign platform, you people can have logo design packages in the middle range. Although, some packages of high price range are also available. In order to hire the best logo designer from the GoDesign platform, you can contact us

The more the price, the more the contest. When the customer offers a good price, then a lot of designers will indulge themselves in the competition. This platform offers you the best experience of the product by giving feedback to the designers.

Hire graphic designers

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3) High End: $2,500+

By paying more and more, the customer can have the best logo designers at his/her door. The higher the logo design cost, the better will be the quality of the logo. It is to keep in mind that the best price tag is $10,000+.

Design Agencies

A design agency is another option for getting your logo designed. It offers a whole Logo Design cost range. The best quality of the Design Agencies is that they offer a competent team that will approach your project from all angles.

One of the hurdles while hiring the agency is their Logo Design cost. Their lowest logo design cost starts from $10,000. But they offer a good experience to the customers.

What should be the main purpose while finding the logo designer?

The agreement must be signed between a designer and the customer. The following things must be mentioned in the agreement.

  • Multiple Formats
  • High-resolution, vector format for printing
  • Web-optimized format for website, social media, and other digital needs
  • Legal Copyright (It will ensure that your logo design is exclusively yours.)


Is it worth it to hire an agency for Logo Design?

Yes, it is absolutely worth it. With hiring an agency for your logo design, whether this is a startup or redesign of an already built company, agencies are always the best option for logo design

When should I run a contest for a Logo Design?

When you do not have a clear direction for your company, colors, and more, you can run a competition to bring more ideas & minds onboard.

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