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The life of freelance workers can be wild. There’s always an order to deliver, a communication to chase, a file to send. It takes time and vitality to handle everything without getting panic to visualize add in family, children allow you to add the necessity of more people into your freelance carrier. But the real competition and struggle arise between the endless streams of wishes from your partner, children, work, friends, and self. How not to feel dragged in a million commands?

The paybacks of veneering up a freelance writing job have bigger options once family and children arrive. As a freelance with a child, the freelancing does provide greater flexibility than an office job.

Here are some of the plans that can help in managing between freelancing and family:

Outline your plan and stick to it:

The important lesson you will gain within your few months in freelancing is how significant it is to design a schedule. As you are your own boss, and nobody is here to give you any command about something, it’s hard to keep an eye on the time. So you should make a rough planning list for the next 3–4 days in advance. Do not make a strict schedule. You can bend it a slight, but make sure that everything is organized lessen out the chances of overworking, so you can spend enough time with your family.

Know When to Stop, Enough is enough:

Going after money sometimes is not bad at all but every time is not going to work. Being a freelance, you are working from the ease of your home, and it’s hard to express when to stop. But this is an important rule of freelance life. There are various effects besides working for your buyer. Getting Wisdom about something new, writing some blog posts, reading, etc. And you will not be able to do all these activities if you are grabbed down by the client’s order. So don’t stress yourself. Don’t be afraid to say no to additional work. When you are starting your freelancing career try to make sure your freedom is your priority. Take only those tasks that you can complete within 20- 23 days a month so that you will have sufficient time for yourself.


Systematize Workflow:

If you are a freelance content writer in the 21 century you possibly like writing more than other works. Finding clients, pitching, making invoices, and marketing yourself all these works can waste your time. So try to make your life relaxed by automating most of the work. These will surely save your time, and you can spend that time with your family, friends, or your own self without any guilt.

Keep an eye on the best time of your day:

You can be both the one who grabs all the available time and has trained themselves to work in small portions or maybe like the one who needs plenty of time to focus on work. Whether you are a morning person or a night owl who can work better at night when all other family members are sleeping. Always try to find the time that works extraordinary for you, and served it off as your writing time. You can divide your tasks into three or four types, it all depends on the level of concentration and amount of time you need for the accomplishment of those tasks. You can edit when waiting in lines so that it’s easier for you to decide when to start and stop. You can research about your work while sitting with your family or watching television. The only type of writing that happens during the precious quiet hours alone is fresh writing.

Delaying your work is your greatest enemy:

Postponing away a day of writing time is so harmful that it’s improbable that you’ll recuperate that time elsewhere ever. Chances of losing your sleep, family time, or time you set aside to complete other works, and me-time will increase. It takes a lot of practice relaying on a schedule and to learn what works best for you through trials and error. First of all, you have to be honest with yourself. Do not waste your time and try to find new ways to stop it.

Leave your comfort zone:

The best way to develop uniqueness and confidence is to drag yourself outside of your comfort zone. Taking projects that gives you the chance to discover new things. This may take more time than usual to be done but in the end, you will end up learning more fruitful skills that will increase your passion for work, clear pictures of what you have to offer clients, and expands your portfolio. If you don’t do something because you’re afraid to fail, you have already failed and cannot get progress. Set Clear Limitations between You and Your Client. Communication is the best key to success. If you do not understand the demand of your client, you won’t be able to achieve your goal within time. You can save a lot of your time by setting expectations at the beginning of work to save a lot of time.

Celebrate your wins | freelance

Life is too short to devote worrying or feeling exhausted because you can’t do it all or be the whole shebang to everyone Shout at yourself for what you haven’t done and try your best not to recall how much you have completed. Take time at the end of every week to do icing on the cake that you finished and give yourself a huge pat on the back by your heart. Your worklist will be coming up for you when you reappear on Monday. Instead, make sure stability in between your time and life so you can not only complete the work most vital to you, but you can spend sufficient, calming time with your family as well.

Put your Family as your first priority than freelance:

The toughest one and the most important thing. Try to communicate with your clients most of them will understand when you tell them that you cannot assure their work accomplishment on time this weekend as you want to spend quality time with your family. If you are working from home it means that you do not have to follow a strict 9-5 workday all the time. Take breaks and remember, just because you have a family and you are working as a freelancer doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your life as a freelancer. You can enjoy your life and career both just by following some tips and tricks of management.

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