Sell on Amazon vs eBay? The best you need to know

One of the most heard questions among marketers questions the future of one of the main marketplaces in the world: should you continue to sell your products on eBay?

Amazon vs eBay

While hardly anyone questions the need for a brand to introduce its product catalog to Amazon, others are beginning to debate whether eBay is the right marketplace model for professional companies and retailers. Now ebay Pakistan has consolidated its image as a marketplace where anyone can sell their clothes, second-hand objects or collectibles, and is therefore a platform option where the user looks for something rare or cheap.

Does eBay fit the demand for new products and professional catalogs? Does Amazon’s fame hide lower profit margins and much more complex product information management? We make a confrontation for you about the pros and cons of selling on Amazon vs eBay as a professional retailer (especially if you have more e-commerce sales channels). Opponents, to the ring!

The Pros of Selling on Amazon vs eBay

More Users, More Sellers, More Sales

For many e-commerce professionals, there is no doubt: Amazon FBA is the most professional alternative to sell products on online marketplaces. The Amazon Fulfillment service gives professional sellers a lot of freedom, as the platform handles warehousing and shipping on behalf of the seller (a service that can even be contracted by eBay sellers!).

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In addition, the figures are also on the side of the giant Amazon: the number of monthly users on Amazon is double that of eBay, sales revenue on Amazon is 5 times higher than on eBay and more than half of online shoppers start their searches of product directly on the platform. Amazon beats Google, what more devastating blow than that?

More Professionalism, Better Product Control

EBay was born as the marketplace for university students: anyone can sell anything. At Amazon, the entry policy as a Pro seller is more rigorous, setting limits and authorizations for various product categories, which vary by country, from clothing and footwear to pieces of art. This gives more confidence to the user and allows better surveillance of who is selling what (although quality controls are still conspicuous by their absence).

The type of offer also influences the type of audience: Amazon attracts more serious customers, willing to pay more for a product and even the rates of the Prime service to ensure more efficient deliveries. If you belong from those countries where amazon not allow as you can see the example that amazon seller account in pak allow or not? On the other hand, EBay has established itself as the bargain marketplace where anyone who wants to pay less should go.

More Reviews, More Positivity

The main (and, for many listings, the only) way to climb in Amazon search results is for your products to get reviews. Many, because the more you have, Amazon will interpret that your product is popular and that it deserves to be highlighted. It’s fair? Surely not, but nothing can be done against the marketplace algorithm, except to get reviews.

amazon vs ebay

On eBay it is much easier to grow your number of reviews and user ratings. Consider that on eBay 1 in 3 customers leave a review, while on Amazon the proportion increases to 1 in 30. This is because when a customer makes a purchase on eBay, the marketplace directly invites them to leave a review , while in Amazon the seller must be in charge of creating a reminder inviting to value the purchase. Many shoppers ignore these messages, and lukewarm or negative Amazon reviews have a much greater impact on the reputation of the product and the seller.

Less Competition

The great barrier that any seller needs to overcome on Amazon (and that many cannot even scratch): the competition. Amazon brings together a gigantic number of sellers and products without any criteria or syndication. This means that in the same product listing, a seller who takes care of their product content and sells honest merchandise may be competing with sellers who have incomplete listings, misleading or poor quality images, and imitation products. Amazon can penalize and close failed or faulty listings simply at the expense of a few.

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EBay’s policy makes these types of disputes between sellers or listings easier to resolve, and does not hurt the seller’s profits as much in the event of product returns or complaints.

Better Shipments and Payments

It is true that Amazon guarantees shipments in one day, but it is also known for its dubious policies of hiring courier companies or delivery people, and for giving inaccurate or imprecise information about the deliveries of orders. This can earn you negative reviews if you purchase Amazon FBA, even if the shipping system is not your fault.

On eBay the tracking of shipments is more precise and the buyer can contact the seller directly, while on Amazon they can only consult with the marketplace customer service, which is much more saturated and slow.

In addition, sellers on eBay charge per transaction and with a more lucrative percentage, while on Amazon there are longer settlement periods and higher fees to the seller. Now the question is that “is PayPal available in Pakistan”? It is the most important question that people ask from Pakistan, don’t worry you can shop online now with EBay, it supports payment with PayPal, while Amazon does not allow in your country then you can move on eBay and buy with you bank card, credit card easily and this can discourage customers who are reluctant to provide their bank details.

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