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What are the 5 Design Materials that are astonishing and useful?

What is a Design Material?

Design Material is a design language developed by Google. It is an elegant and well-defined set of guidelines that help both the designers and end-users. it explains why things in Google look and respond in a certain way they do. The basic goal of Design Material is to unite fundamental design principles with technology. There are three basic core principles of Design Material, which are described below:

1) Material is the Metaphor

It is a clear fact that on-screen design should be a metaphor for off-screen things. What does it mean? The basic purpose of these things is that design should look like reality. the Oc-Screen buttons should be like real-life buttons. There should be such elements that have shadows.

All the things that are used in reality should be in the design system, and it will create a big impact on the audience, like the fundamentals of light, surface, and movement; all these should be considered. The basic idea is that all the elements on a screen mirror should reflect the things in reality. Let’s take an example of a pop-up ad. All 3D objects should have shadows, therefore it must have a subtle shadow.

2) Bold, Graphic and Intentional

There should be a feature of being big in everything that we design. Design material guides the designers to follow certain tactics like bold colors, headlines, and negative space. All these will create an elegant impact.

3) Meanings can be created through Motion: Design Material’ Tactic

Having movement in the design, makes the user move and create meanings in a certain way. Movement is also helpful in providing feedback to the user. Let’s take the example of Android. When we hold down an icon, then it tells us that it is ready to be moved. So we can say, motion is a clear way to talk with the user.

Now, let’s talk about the best design materials. All these design materials are very helpful in creating an elegant and attractive design. Designers should use these design materials in an attractive and creative way. Using these materials in a creative way, the users will be happy to see the wonderful design in front of them.


It is the best Design material because it provides amazing photos for free to use. All the provided photos are high-definition photos. Nowadays, the owners are operating the website at all related websites, soft-wares, mobile apps other devices with the goal of fostering creativity in their community.

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