7 Powerful Creativity Techniques of Brainstorming by Yourself!

Are you working as an independent freelancer and looking for some magical touch of brainstorming? Do you want to put together a vast array of ideas? Do you want to establish a linking pattern between the different facets of a problem and find potential solutions?

Stuck in all these questions, brainstorming comes to your aid! Although brainstorming works well in a group yet it can also yield better results when used by single freelancers (as their ideas/concepts are particularly refined and undiluted😉).

Let’s get into the concept of brainstorming!


Brainstorming turns out to be a positive connotation that plays a vital role in solving your problems. It is used in the ideation phase of the design process. Brainstorming allows freelancers to expand their creativity in all directions. Sometimes, you find yourself surrounded by endless mistakes, but you don’t have a slight notion of their possible solutions. At this point, creative brainstorming serves to be a perfect choice.

When you brainstorm by yourself, you possess greater strength to general innovative ideas. You are at the liberty to offer any idea anytime without any restriction of other’s influences. Although you should always keep yourself on track while brainstorming but a slight off-track tread can also offer some help. It can allow you to think outside the box and use lateral thinking to explore the most efficacious solutions to design problems. Brainstorming yields rough answers which can be refined into better solutions later.

“It is easier to tone down a wild idea than to think up a new one.” – Alex F. Osborn.

Brainstorming is no doubt a huge hit. It polishes your thinking instincts and makes your ideas more refined. On the contrary, if you stick to your countless-unproductive brainstorming hours, it might prove to be a huge waste of time, making you regret it later on.

Try to form novel ideas by brainstorming by yourself. With the following ideas in your hand, you will witness some striking positive changes in your brainstorming sessions!

How to brainstorm on your own effectively:

Great things do not happen overnight. They require great ideas on your part! The following are some of the ideas to help you brainstorm effectively. Let’s have a look at them!

1.     Be conscious of the hours in which your brain is most likely blazing with ideas:

Everyone has a specific time of the day in which their brain functions as if it were on fire. The high yielding hours vary from person to person. Some of the people might resort to the early morning hours after the cool morning breeze has freshened up their minds. Some find the afternoon hours as the most creative period. The night owls work the best after the sun says goodbye and sets in the west. They work in the dim atmosphere of the twilight. So, different persons have different working schedules.

The key element is to recognize the best productive hours and let your mind thrive in it. The more you remain well-aware of the creative time, the better it proves to be for your brainstorming session. With this idea, you can let yourself explode with new ideas!

2.     Work in a comfortable space by keeping distractions aside:

Always look for a calm and serene place where you can exercise your brainstorming in sheer tranquility. Several things try to distract you even if you peek into them for a little time. If a computer is placed within your easy reach, it is likely to kill your focus because you feel curious to check your email, browse the web, or open any social app. Similarly, mobile phones also try to strip off your attention by their weird vibration sounds. If you keep snacks by your side, you are likely to stuff your mouth with the generation of each idea. Keep all these distracting elements at bay!

Moreover, a cluttered room also hinders your brainstorming practice. Everything appears to be in a chaotic jumble which constantly interrupts your workflow. You are being overpowered by the thought of the chores that are pending. Why not finish the important tasks beforehand? Then you can sit comfortably for a brainstorming session.

3.     Do something different:

If you always brainstorm in the same place, the place itself might throw the same ideas on you. You might never free yourself from the repeating ideas within the same confined setting. It will get you nowhere but in a hollow. A better approach is to leave the same workplace and go for something new. You can go to a library or even a coffee shop to have the most unexpected hit you. This is will add to your experience of generating inspiring ideas through the technique of brainstorming.

You should have a nice treasure of books so that you can get your hands on them whenever you feel low or unable to generate ideas. Reading something off-topic paves a way for the creation of novel ideas when you come back to your concerned topic. This idea serves to be one of the best creativity techniques to brainstorm by yourself.

4.     Pay heed to visual associations:

Always keep visual inspirations by your side. Don’t let them go to waste. Visual entities broaden the spectrum of your ideas and enable you to see things in entirely different ways. Visual associations play a vital role in the exploration phase. They serve to be the catchy forces helping you initiate new ideas. With Google, Pinterest, Etsy, and many more visual sources, you can grab the inspiring things to spark your visual ideas.

Diagrams, images, and posts, etc. help to unravel the creativity knots in your mind thus making you hit some amazing ideas. Next time you feel low, just give a glance to the visual elements and witness a triggering idea in your mind.

5.     Encourage weird ideas:

When you do brainstorm, you might get into another path to generate wacky ideas. IT IS PERFECTLY ALRIGHT! because you are a human and you can resort to carelessness. A good point is that sometimes getting off track gives you a break from the monotonous grind of generating the same ideas. It gives you a platform to go beyond measures and embrace weird ideas.

Feel free to blurt out weird ideas. Try to jump the step of careful ideas. Sensible thinking not always leads to productive ideas. Sometimes, non-sensual ideas work wonders and polish up your creativity. Give room to little wacky ideas and find better solutions.

6.     Interact with people belonging to different fields to get a varied perspective:

Brainstorming alone can sometimes become a tiring task. It’s better to interact with people belonging to varied fields. It helps to widen your perspectives as interaction with different people opens the gateway towards new knowledge and experiences. You can find out new coverage that leads to innovation.

Team Work

The lesson of this idea is crystal-clear: Don’t confine yourself to interacting with the people of your field only. Talk with other people, ask about their ideas and the field they are working on. New perspectives can be fruitful to both parties. No one knows, where the inspiration might bestow upon you during interaction with different people.

7.     Use some apps:

Brainstorming by yourself is included in the border picture of the industry. There are plenty of apps that can help you open the creativity gates of your mind and organize your ideas effectively. Everybody has the potential to brainstorm constructively with the above-mentioned ideas in hand.  However, a few handy apps can make your work easy and simple. For example,

  • Moodboard is an app that helps you organize striking images that are directly related to your work.
  • MindNode enables you to emphasize the productive capabilities of your mind and come up with some amazing mind maps.
  • Candor allows the participants to jot down their ideas before voicing them aloud in the group. This enables the participants to develop an agreeable pattern between the ideas.

Brainstorming: A nice technique to boost your creativity!!!

Brainstorming comes out to be an open and unstructured problem-solving technique. Besides generating encouraging ideas, quirky concepts are also welcomed in this process. It adds to your diverse experience. Brainstorming by yourself can open the gates of confidence for you. Always approach this technique with an open and non-judgmental spirit!

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