The 5 Major Types of Graphic Design

What are the 5 Major Types of Graphic Design?

What hits your mind when you hear the term “Graphic Design”- A cool app or a brochure? Nooo… These terms don’t direct towards the real definition of graphic design. They serve to be the mere outcomes of the design process. So, what graphic design is?

Graphic design is the process that wields specific typography, illustration, and iconography to achieve the target of visual communication. It is either physical or digital and can also stand between these two mediums. It plays a vital role in solving problems and manifesting ideas aesthetically using numerous graphic design constituents and tools.

Design is a solution to a problem. Art is a question of a problem. —John Maeda.

Basics of Graphic Design:

5 basic features continue to be the characteristics of each graphic design. They are as follows:

  • Contrast to emphasize the consequential elements and present them in a digestible manner. For example, conventional and modern style, thick and thin font styles, etc.
  • Hierarchy to create a sense of structure and arrangement. It helps to present items in a specified direction.
  • Repetition to grab attention and leave a bold statement. For example, a higher consistency in typography, colors, and shapes serves to be eye-catching designs, etc.
  • Balance for developing equilibrium by strategically utilizing the design elements. For example, filling negative space with colors, texts or images can establish stability in your design, etc.
  • Alignment to form clear sharp appearances. It also helps to curtail the sloppiness in your design. Alignment gives orderly features to the design.

The graphic design revolves around the “WOW” factor as it involves the fine amalgamation of the elements perceived by the eye and brain.

Why graphic design is a life-and-death force for your business???

In the contemporary world of science and technology, graphic designing has made its way into the realm of business. To make your website stand out in the competitive world, you need to convey the information through striking designs. It is rightly said, “A picture speaks thousands of words.” Images exert an inspiring effect on the mind of the audience. And this is the point where graphic design comes to your aid!

Let’s have a look at the reasons signifying the importance of graphic design for your business:

· It grabs attention:

In the world of fast-growing businesses, it is quite difficult to make a mark. Companies try to use several marketing strategies to capture the audience’s attention. Do you know what works well in this case? It’s the graphic design that serves to be one of the most influencing strategies to grab the attention of customers. For example, you went to a stationery shop to get some stuff for your business. What strikes you the most among the tons of items? An item with the perfect design!

· It invests in building relationships:

The goal of every business is to exercise a good impression on its customers. But everyone is not lucky enough to follow the smooth tread and make an impact. You can build a good relationship with your investors and clients through the attractive visual appearance of your website. Don’t lose the chance to carry your relationship with the customers, just instill breath-taking features to your design.

· It enhances sales:

A good design is followed by the interest of customers. If your product packaging website is jampacked with attractive features, there are high chances of your success. Customers get captivated by the spectacular designs and then try to purchase the product within a flash. You should opt for a design to enhance the brand’s image and sales.

· It adds a spark in making brand name memorable:

Apple, Nike, Dior, Channel, FedEx, etc. exercise an amazing influence on the audience with their name and design. The unique design of such brands has a special hidden meaning that id directly connected to their products. With a good design in hand, you can configure a great logo by utilizing nice colors contrasts, typography, etc. This will make your brand a rising force among the competitors.

Types of Graphic Design:

The following are some of the types of design:

1. Advertising & Marketing Design:

The decision-making process of the audience is overpowered by the marketing strategies of the companies. If a company resorts to great marketing tactics, it can engage the customers by satisfying their product demands. Graphic design serves to be an effective tool for enhancing the communicative and marketing strategies of a brand.

Marketing designers share a working linkage with the company owners or marketing professionals to devise a strategy for structured advertisement. They might prefer either an isolated work environment or a creative team. Designers need to select a particular domain for specialization such as print media or digital media etc. Graphic design has made a mark in the fields of content marketing. Examples of advertising and marketing design:

  • Magazine ads
  • PowerPoint presentation templates
  • Social media graphics
  • Pictorial flyers
  • Posters etc.

2. Visual Identity Design:

A brand should have an identity that reveals its personality, emotions, and experiences. Visual identity design constitutes the face of the brand that exerts an unending impression on the audience through the tools of images and colors. Visual identity designers should have a vast knowledge of exercising the brand’s consistency across all the channels.

Visual designers use assets like typography, images, and colors to mark the identity of a brand. Visual brand guidelines pave the way for accurate visual branding across the realms of media. It needs creative and conceptual trends for approaching large organizations.

3. Publication Design:

A publication graphic design communicates with the audience through the vast medium of public distribution. They have encompassed the medium of print media. It serves one of the classic designs like newspapers, books or magazines, etc. Besides this, a significant upswing is witnessed in digital publishing.

Publication designers continue to work with editors to create designs that are carved with special typography, illustrations, and color schemes. Publication designers have the liberty to choose the nature of their work pattern. Like, do they want to work as freelancers, or as a part of a creative agency, etc. Examples of Publication design are:

  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Pamphlets
  • Newspapers
  • Various catalogs etc.

4. Motion Design:

As the name indicates, a motion design denotes the designs that have a quality of motion. It covers a wide range by including imagery, video, audio, animation, or other effects that are used in the fields of film and television. Due to a massive rise in the field of science and technology, the fame of motion design has reached the zenith.

The fast-growing advances in the field of production have made this design an accessible choice. It has spread its roots across all digital platforms. It has opened the gates for experiential opportunities. Examples of motion designs are as follows:

  • GIFs
  • Video games
  • Tutorials
  • Trailers
  • Animated logos

5. User Interface Design:

User interface (UI) refers to the pattern that how a user tends to interact with an application. User interface design makes the interfacing process as an overall user-friendly experience. It covers all the things through which a user can form an interaction such as a screen, mouse, keyboard, etc. In the domain of graphic designing, it emphasizes the on-screen design elements such as menus, buttons, etc. It blends both functionality and aesthetic preference.

User interface graphic designers specialize in numerous sections such as mobile, web and desktop apps, etc. They also work in proximity to the UX and UI designers and developers. They should have a firm grip on programming languages such as CSS, JavaScript, etc. Examples of some User interface graphic design are:

Choose the right option of graphic design for spreading marvels!

Graphic design is spreading like fire in the fields of design and business. The more it grows, the Better the designers are required. Knowing different types of graphic design will enable you to choose the right designer that fits a particular design section perfectly!

Good luck!!!

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