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The essentials of 6 Logo Shapes, and how it is useful?

Want to uplift your brand’s identity and reputation? An effective tool for enduring the long phase of the brand’s success is designing befitting logo shapes. The designing process of a logo might seem simple, but in reality, it is girded with many hard and fast rules. While we always direct our attention to the fonts and colors of the logo, we are hardly aware of the other consequential facets of the process i.e. LOGO SHAPES.

The shapes wielded in making logos unleash a lot of meaning about the brand and also leave a long-lasting impact on the minds of the audience. Specific logo shapes hold a specific connotation that is amplified by the subconscious part of the human brain.

The resulting message is directed to the targeted customers who extract out the intended concept. So, aesthetic appeal is not the mere function of logo shapes rather they stand for the specific brand concept. It’s like HITTING TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE!

The following are some of the logo shapes and their intended messages that will help you in polishing up your designing skills with crystal-clear info in mind. Let’s dive into the list!

1.     Circular Logos:

logo shapes
logo shapes

Circles have the characteristic of being soft and round in their texture which makes them stand out from the other sharp-edged shapes. They instill some positive vibes and emotions. They hold the concept of order, life, and wellness.

Since the circles don’t have edges (neither a starting nor an ending point), it suggests their quality of unity, energy, and power. They can protect what they hold inside their confines thus, representing defense and safety.

The circular logos are also connected with femininity. For example, Chanel stands as the prime choice of women’s fashion house. Its logo is associated with elegance, grace, and elitism. The circular logo is not only welcoming but also spreads the message of oneness and endurance.


  • Glo logo
  • Nivea Logo
  • Pepsi
  • Chanel
  • Target

Besides the circular logos, oval logos are also included in this category. When one or more logos are combined, they stand as the representative of love, support, continuity, and community.

They also direct towards infinity. Rings can suggest stability and partnership. What comes to your mind with the concept of oval logos? The best example of the oval logos is the iconic OLYMPIC LOGO which consists of a series of overlapping rings.

2.     Square and Rectangular Logos:

Square and rectangular shapes hint towards balance, stability, reliability, and boldness. The human mind translates the square and rectangular logos as the symbol of professionalism and orderliness.

We usually come across the square logos in our daily life but we usually forget that they stand for some exceptional meanings that the human mind usually overlooks.

The square logo also stands for familiarity, peace, and uniformity. The four-sided uniform shape of the square incorporates an image of symmetry in the human mind. Being “edgy” in their surface, square shapes exert a bolder and powerful impact than the circular logos.

Rectangles have a linking pattern with the everyday objects that are used for holding things such as vaults and boxes. The straight lines present in the rectangular shape denote orderliness thus, hinting towards a sense of equilibrium.

Examples of the square and rectangular logo include:

  • American Express logo design
  • Ritter Sports logo
  • Microsoft logo design

3.     Triangular Logo:

Just like squares, triangular logo shapes are comprised of sharp edges and straight lines. Their orientation in an image denotes the intended concept to be interpreted by the mind. Generally, the triangular logo shapes hint towards the ideas of power and stability. It may also denote power, law, energy, and strength.

When a triangle is seen resting on its base in an image, it signals towards the concept of change i.e. a transition from the state of un-stability to stability. When the pointed end of the triangle is directed downwards, it signifies uncertainty.

Holding the touch of masculine appearance, triangular logo shapes are used in the domains of law, science, and religion because of their quality of linking with strength, speed, and power.

Some of the triangular logo shapes include:

  • Adidas logo
  • Mitsubishi Motors logo
  • Qantas logo

4.     Organic logos:

Organic logo shapes are known for their tendency to captivate the viewer’s attention because of their distinctiveness. Organic shapes create those soft vague vibes that a perfect circle is unable to do so. Being in free-form, organic shapes hold the quality of flexibility. They may either stand for comfort or closeness. They are extensively used in the fields of health and wellness.

When having a curvy appearance in their shapes, organic logos denote a sense of rhythm and motion by representing positive feelings, comfort, and solace. Companies that want to communicate the intended theme of joy and happiness usually work well by playing with the curved organic logo shapes. For example,

  • Disney logo
  • Coca-Cola logo

5.     Vertical and Horizontal lined logos:

A specific message is signaled by the specific orientation of vertical or horizontal lines in a logo. Vertical lines denote aggression, masculinity, power, courage, and strength. On the other hand, horizontal lines denote tranquil effect, calmness, smoothness, and community.

Horizontal lines are more inclined towards feminine characteristics. Horizontal lines also signify dynamism. Brands that intend to show more of the female products usually use horizontal lines. Examples of horizontal logos include:

  • Stumblebum logo
  • Digital Africa logo
  • Door rocket logo

Companies that try to show superiority, boldness, and power resort to vertical lined logos. If the vertical lines are excessively used in a logo, it signifies the domineering nature of the company. Examples of vertical lined logos include:

  • SoundCloud logo
  • HERO logo
  • Mangrove Inns logo

6.     Spiral shaped logos:

Spirals are not commonly used in the designing of logos. But when they are used in a logo, it usually adds a kind of twist to the logo design. Spirals exert a hypnotizing effect because it brings feelings of comfort, calmness, flow, and movement. It may also represent a constant growth and development scheme.

The flow of time, energy, and warmth are the basic intended themes of the spiral logo. Besides this, a spiral logo also hints at the broad creativity spectrum of the brand. Such a quality would instill a surprising influence on the audience. So, the spiral-shaped logos are best used to signify growth, change, and evolution. Examples:

  • CATALYTIC logo
  • Rashi speaks logo


In a nutshell, the shapes of logo design are consequential in communicating the intended message to the audience. They get deeply engrossed in our minds, thus, making us familiar with the company. Determine the message and the targeted audience and then play with the logo shapes, colors, and fonts!!!

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