How to avoid freelancing scams: 3 amazing tips

If you are a freelancer and want to become a competitor in your field of earning then there must be some hard and fast rules that one should not forget and try their best to obey in their life.

In freelancing you are not permanently working for a specific client and company instead, you find your work from different clients and you perform your chore on time with efficiency and to explore more and more to be self-employed and find your work through a variety of sources. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid freelancing scams that can help you in achieving your goals of online earning.

1) Not being selective: Common Freelancing scams

The most common traps of freelancing are not to be selective about your clients. If you are new at this platform of online earning, you try your best to work as much as you can and you say warmly welcome to every single work that is impending in your path and here you are doing your biggest mistake.

Not setting for a particular field can affect badly your futuristic approach regarding online. Staying in the fear of losing work can lead you to get distracted from your own skill. If you are doing a contract in which you are being underpaid, try to avoid it and at least represent your own point of view in front of your client without getting panic.

All that you need to know is to separate your fieldwork with your part-time skills and set a particular amount of money for each skill or work. There are different countries having their own currency value, all you need to manage your ultimatum and taking care of all these scenarios.

Separating the wheat from the chaff is your duty and try to circumvent and turn down those offers with politeness and generously that are paying low. Increasing your rates it’s the most difficult job seems usually but if you want to earn then setting money your first priority is not a big and welcoming thing to do.

If you are doing your work progressively day by day and adding new skills in your portfolio with much experience try to set the rates that are justified both for you and your clients for a long time seller-customer relationship.

2) Using only customer relationship platform

Going out and looking around for new platforms and sites for more and more fertile earning and adapting a conclusive technique to grab your work and every upcoming opportunity is the best way to work as a freelancer. Staying in front of your computer screen and with selective clients without any desire for betterment can’t work for you in the long run.

It is important for you to find out new work from different platforms by using your skills. You can publish your own ad and can develop your own website for better earning. There are also so many online earning platforms other than freelancing that you can use as an origin to be paid for your work. Drive your thoughts and expertise from low to high, from one policy to another, from one buyer to another to polish your skills and work.

Always try to seek out new ways of businesses. Improve your skills and ask your customers for feedback. Exceed your experience with more work and try to fulfill the demand of your customer at any cost.

Communication is the best key to develop a strong relationship with your client in online or offline earning. Thank your customer, ensure a positive environment that can lead a great impression in offline earning along with online because there is a great chance of returning a happy customer often for their work to spend more.

3) Protect yourself from overdue payments

As you are doing freelancing on your own to cope up with your finances by yourself it is utmost necessary to stay away from the issues like overdue payments which are freelancing scams.

There is so much diversification of work and people working on freelancing or running their own businesses on freelancing so as to avoid bad payers. First of all, you have to set your prices and methods of wages before starting a discussion with a client.

Don’t be modest or shy in expressing your claim as the bad payers never get ashamed of their overdue payments. This will lead the other party to be very clear about your working hours with rates before getting enjoyment from your services.

Freelancer asking for payment

Try not to grant any service before your payment arrival or use the prepayments method to avoid such situations. If your client is ready to prepay now it’s your duty to give them a profitable service with marvelous work and special treatment. Boost them with a discount of 5% that can let them adopt prepayment each time for their work to be done. Otherwise, this would happen:

Freelancing waiting for the client to pay
Freelancing Scams

If your clients demand you to deliver their extensive scheme both in terms of time and cash or not accede on prepayments so it’s time to set a timetable. This will allow you to send out several parts of your work to clients and get your payment received from time to time for each part.

If they are not paying, you don’t need to provide further work to them unless they pay. Be honest and don’t be shy ever for payments as you are working for your own self, not promoting a free service at all. Be honest and clear with clients and make your client better understand that you are working day and night, and your work is serious and they must pay you on time. If you establish all these tricks and tips you can protect yourself from overdue payments easily.

Mistakes, ups, and downs are all part of life and a single mistake has so much power to turn you into something better. You can live and earn for a longer period of time if you try to learn from your mistakes.

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